Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Metro Cafe in Culver City

Baguette with red pepper puree
Grilled Romaine with Parmesan

I went to dinner at Metro Cafe in Culver City, and as usual, enjoyed every minute of it. My friends and I used to go almost every Friday for dinner before they got their beer and wine license. The greatest deal in the world - several bottles of wine, appetizer, main, dessert, 25% tip and I don't think we ever spent more than $25 a person. When they were applying for their license, they were not allowed to let guests bring in wine, so we broke the Friday night habit. Well, we were back in full force the other night! We had 12 people, 6 bottles of wine (4 bought, 2 brought). 7 appetizer, 12 main dishes, 4 desserts (on the house), and a generous tip for only $31 each.
Burrata and roasted red peppers
Zucchini fritters

Owned and operated by 2 tall, dark, and handsome Serbians named Aleks and Sasa, they serve Serbian specialties and contemporary American dishes, offering generous portions in a modern, yet very cozy, casual setting. Always a pleasure to dine there - Sasa and Aleks always make everyone feel so welcome.
Shrimp pesto pasta
My low-carb version of steak and potatoes

Herb roasted chicken with checca and peas
Braised oxtails
Veal stew

Metro Cafe
11188 Washington Place
Culver City

The Foundry On Melrose in Los Angeles


Ellen Bloom said...

Yum!! My mouth is watering! Yes, as you know, we love the Metro too! Your photos are fantastic!

I was there during the hottest day of the heatwave...even tho' it was hot inside, dining on the sidewalk was lovely. I feel for the guys in the kitchen next to the stove!

Thanks for a great review!

Anonymous said...

We live close to Culver City, so it's great to find all these reviews - more stuff to try out. Just tried out Metro cafe today for brunch, and was advertised - excellent stuff, and a great westside find.

Of course, if you have any luck finding decent Chinese, please do post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Metro review. We are going to try it for my husband's birthday and maybe even Mother's Day. As for decent Chinese. Try Thai Klang Dong on Sepulveda and Utopia in the strip mall across from the McDonalds. Thai Klang Dong has a great menu of Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes. Our favorites are garlic catfish, salmon panang, and orange chicken. Food is fresh and very tasty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative review, Bree. I just went there for the first time and my friend and I had Chevapi and shrimp pesto pasta, respectively, and we loved them.