Wednesday, August 09, 2006


After driving by this restaurant for years, I finally checked it out. We had planned on dining in the back patio, but it was closed! So we settled for a table inside. I started off with an ice cold Polish potato vodka, my friend had an apple martini - but fortunately it was nothing like those awful Apple Pucker college girl drinks. It was made with Buffalo grass infused vodka, which had a very nice lemongrassy flavor. After some bread and tapenade we went straight for the pierogi. Sort of the Polish pupusa. They were great - how can you go wrong with a fried cheese-filled carb packets? We wanted the duck pate but it is only available on weekends.

We moved onto the dried plums wrapped in bacon. Usually anything wrapped in bacon is fabulous, these were just ok. The plums were just too sweet, sticky and dense, and they tasted like they were prepared hours ago, just waiting to be thrown under the salamander.

The chicken Schnitzel was pretty good, just a little dull for my tastes. Just a simple breaded and fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes (plated up by an ice cream scooper) and broccoli topped with sand-like brown butter breadcrumbs. This is comfort food. Heavy, old-fashioned comfort food. I would go back, but just for peirogi and vodka out on the patio.

1414 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA


Anonymous said...

I love Warszawa, I agree with you on the Schnitzel though, I was a bit disappointed at how plain it was.

If you do go back, I would highly suggest trying the duck. Also, the lamb ravioli are good and I like most of the salads, the cauliflour dill is tasty.

C said...

I went to Warszawa a few years ago and I too was disappointed by the dried plums wrapped in bacon. The bar in the backyard of the restaurant is also really cool. They have great Polish beer.

Steve Wasser said...

I've only ever drank on the patio.

Anonymous said...

If you want really good Polish food, you've got to go to Polka on the east side of Glendale border of Eagle Rock, right off York Blvd.

It's not fancy, in a strip mall and borderline tacky inside but the food is AMAZING and the owner and his wife and apparently his old 80 year old mother cooking in the back will win you over.

I wish this place was closer!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried the Bigos I highly recommend it- it's the real deal traditional Polish, and very yummy. The Warzsawa salad with shredded carrot, apple and kraut is also tasty and different. I brought my foodie parents there when they visited and it was a hit!