Thursday, August 03, 2006

Coming Soon... Bottle Rock in Culver City

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival two new wine bars in downtown Culver City - Ugo's and Bottle Rock. Ugo's has some time to go, but Bottle Rock is poised to open any day now. I was caught peeking in the window and graciously invited in and allowed to take a couple of photos. It will be wine bar and retail shop, offering some food as well. I am curious to see how they will work out their pricing, since bottles in restaurants tend to be 2-3 times retail. Check back soon for my review.

Bottle Rock
3847 Main Street
Culver City


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree. Thanks for stopping by and taking such nice photos. We can't wait to be open. We will be selling wine with more of a retail markup, not a 3x restaurant one. See ya soon.

triplecreme said...

Thanks for the preview, Adam. I look forward to the opening!

Anonymous said...

Are they/you open yet? I've got a client who's dying to go this Thurs 8/24????