Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vega$, Part 1; Spago

I just returned from my annual birthday trip to Vegas, and had a fabulous time, as always. The first meal we had was lunch at Spago Cafe in the Forum mall inside our hotel, Caesars Palace. This Spago Cafe is a slightly less expensive version of Spago, and in my opinion, much better, especially since you do not have to mingle with all those too-cool-for-school Beverly Hills types. We sat "outside," under the trompe l'oeil sky, watching all the tourists traipse through the mall. They started us of with a bread basket combo: flatbread with Parmesan and chili peppers, little brioche style dinner rolls, and a country French bread, served with a soft, tangy cream cheese topped with stewed bell peppers.

I had a very interesting Alsacian pizza that I cannot wait to try at home: a thin layer of whole grain mustard, gruyere, caramelized onions, and pancetta. It was so good, we went back the next day and ordered it again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree, great food blog you have here, just came by way of Saw your vegas pics, definitely gonna hafta try those beignets sometime. I wasn't as impressed as you were with Mesa, eaten there more than a couple of times and every time i found the food just average. Not at all what i expected from "Iron Chef" Bobby Flay. I much preferred the NY branch as the food and service i received there were surprisingly superior. Anyhow, saw you had the pizza at spago, if you get a chance, try this: the caviar-topped smoked-salmon pizza. It's not on the menu but you should still be able to order it, it's my favorite dish at spago's. Don't know if it's available in Beverly Hills, but you can try. Keep up the great work!

triplecreme said...

Thanks for the comment, Al. Yes, I have tried the smoked salmon pizza and loved it.

Steve Wasser said...

I've found both Spagi about equal with the notation that I've experienced good service at Bev Hills, but actually got attitude from the service in Vegas. Sometimes Vegas is more LA than LA, though. My favorite app at Spago is foie gras three ways, and I seem to remember that in Vegas, they only had it two ways. I'm like "Where's the third way, you cheap SOB!"

Haven't been there for a couple of years, so maybe they added it. Do they give you the parmesan crisps at Vegas? Those are the best, and constitute a meal in themselves.

triplecreme said...

Yeah, we got the crisps. They are inthe bread basket photo. We dined at the Spago "cafe" which is the front section of the restaurant. The regular Spago was being remodeled. The cafe menu is a little less expensive, so they don't offer all the regular Spago fare. But the foie gras 3 ways sounds great.