Tuesday, September 05, 2006

K-ZO in Culver City

I had a terrific Japanese lunch today at the brand new K-ZO in Culver City, next to Trader Joe's on Culver Blvd. It has a very sleek, modern interior, with a bar up front for dining and drinks, about 15 tables, and a sushi bar in the rear. There is also one private booth, tucked away behind a curtain of metal beads. They offer all the usual sushi, along with some special rolls like the one I had - popcorn shrimp and asparagus ($7).

It was great, but I really did not need it, my combo plate was more than enough food. I ordered the Salmon Shioyaki combo: grilled salmon with a choice of sushi (6 pcs.), tempura, or sashimi ($15.50). I picked the sushi. It also came with creamy purple mashed potatoes, micro shoestring fries, miso soup, rice, and salad with carrot vinaigrette.

This was plenty of food for me, but I can see other people (especially men), needing some sushi or a side dish to fill up on. They offer daily specials, salads (salmon skin salad, spicy calamari salad...), hot and cold small plates (monk fish liver, sashimi, soft shell crab...), entrees (tempura, teriyaki, sushi assortments, noodles...), and combo plates. Check their website for the full menu. Beautiful presentation, swift, attentive service, and excellent food. I cannot wait to go back with a group of friends to share many dishes with from their extensive menu, or try one of thier prix fixe dinners.

9240 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Janice said...

Hi Bree,

I found your site through Chowhound and it looks awesome! I never knew there were so many cool places in Culver City. Could you tell me the hours of BottleRock? How much is the food there? They don't seem to have a website yet, so I'm really curious! I hope you can visit my site sometime... I'm still a newbie at the food blog thing =)


triplecreme said...

Hi Janice,
I believe Bottle Rock opens at 11:00 AM. Their food ranges, starting from about $5. It is all small plate/tapas size. Go check it out and tell Adam you read about them on my blog; he's a great guy. Thanks for the comment!

off2cdwzrd said...

Bree - are you a coffee connoisseur as well? I'd love to see you report on Caffe Luxxe (925 Montana). I know it's not Culver City but... so far Culver City only has Starbucks.

triplecreme said...

Starbucks is not the only game in town...the Conservatory of Coffe on Washington Blvd just west of Clarington has excellent coffee. They roast their own beans. Their esspresso is the best. Go check it out.

off2cdwzrd said...

Thanks for the tip - it's definitely convenient. I'll try it.

Kirsten Bradford said...

I happened upon your blog last weekend when looking for a place to eat. I decided your review of K-ZO sounded so good, I had to try it. It was great! Tonight, again seeking a delicious dinner, I remembered your recommendations, and tried Metro Diner. I really enjoyed that as well! So, you've become my source for new restaurants to try...keep up the good work!

Sweetpea said...

I totally love your site. After moving to Culver City from New York City, your reviews are a great guide to my new culinary surroundings. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Quick question about sushi: do you know any places in the neighborhood that have brown rice sushi? I have heard that brown rice is a healthier alternative to white and would love to make the switch.