Tuesday, August 29, 2006

City Bakery in Brentwood

I checked out City Bakery (the second location, the first one in New York), located in the Brentwood Country Mart on San Vicente and 26th Street. They have a self service prepared food bar, weighing in at $12 a pound. In the other corner is the pastry counter, with obscenely gigantic pastries. 5-6" scones and cookies, they make Rockenwagner look petite.

I went straight for their signature "pretzel croissant." Looks just like a croissant, with the exception of sesame seeds, and a beautiful, dark crust. I have always loved dark croissants, and this one takes the cake. Super crispy, flaky crust, you can actually taste the butter. The center was darker than a usual croissant, looking like they use whole wheat flour. The crust had the slightest tang of a pretzel, otherwise it just tasted like a croissant.

The 5 1/2" diameter chocolate chip cookie was nice and soft, but not memorable, neither was the berry scone.

Next time I will try the food bar, and pick up another croissant, but I am not rushing to go back. By the way, Helen Hunt was there, enjoying her breakfast.

City Bakery
225 26th Street
Los Angeles, Ca


BoLA said...

Ooo... I love pretzels and I love croissants... never thought of them together like that! Sounds buttery delicious! And who doesn't like Helen Hunt? =)

Anonymous said...

The pics look absolutely scrumptious! Thanks for the tip, will add this to bakeries-must-visit-next-time-i'm-the-westside list.

Anonymous said...

When you go back to City Bakery try the French Toast it is rich but oh so delicious. Great blog by the way!