Monday, September 11, 2006

The Essential Chocolate Collection

After driving by this place for years, I finally stopped in. It seemed to be mainly a catering/special order bakery (cakes, cheesecakes, bars, tarts, pies cookies, etc.) with a tiny retail area up front. I had heard about their Moon Pies, two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around marshmallow filling, dipped in chocolate. I can't think of another bakery that carries Moon Pies. Do you know of one?

I was hoping to try some cupcakes too, but very disappointed to find out they do not regularly carry them - only when they have some leftover from a special order. They really should jump on the band wagon and get some business from this current cupcake rage before it dies out. They did offer a few bars, Moon Pies in 2 sizes (I got the small one and could barely finish it), mini bundt cakes and muffins. I tried the chocolate raspberry bar, and a peanut butter chocolate chip bar. Both were tasty, moist, and chewy, but they are also the kind of pastries one may easily make at home. Everything I tried was good, including this mini banana bundt cake doused in sugary-sweet glaze.

Nothing mind blowing here - just good renditions of simple, homestyle desserts. The Moon Pie was the best pastry I sampled. The cookies were soft, the marshmallow was not too sweet, and just the right amount. They are just so cute, and definitely something I do not have the patience to make at home.

The Essential Chocolate Collection
10868 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, Ca 90232


Anonymous said...

The muffins are good too. They have a large selection and are usually hot out o f the oven in the morning. You usually have to ask them what they have... I think they mostly make bakery goods for other places as the storefront is very small.

Anonymous said...

I like the blueberry scones... they're heart shaped.

Btw, I just started reading your blog and think it's great. I live in the WLA area and have been to many of the places you review. I now can't wait to try out some of the places you recommend.

Anonymous said...

Folks, without a doubt, uve got to try their strawberry shortcake whole cakes. it's one of the best i've tasted! my guests were all impressed at the quality and taste, enough for all of them to remark on it.