Friday, September 29, 2006

Berliner Friday

I received an e-mail yesterday announcing Rockenwagner Bakery started serving fresh Berliners every Friday, beginning last week. What is a Berliner? It is a jelly doughnut made by a German. I arrived shortly after opening this morning, to find their baker dusting the fluffy Berliners with sugar. Filled with a little squirt of raspberry, these doughnuts are some of the best jelly doughnuts around. I have always been strictly a cake doughnut eater, but I could eat these. The pastry was soft, fluffy, and not too sweet. Way better than Krispy Kreme. Last week they sold out before noon, so arrive early.

Rockenwagner Bakery
12835 Washington Blvd
Mar Vista, CA
Berliners, $2 each, limit one dozen per customer.


Oishii Eats said...

$2 each??? Limit of a dozen??? Man, those must be some dang good donuts!

Keith L said...

OK now I have to look for this spot.

Quality food is important.

BTW have you tried the new Santa Monica Bar & Grill on Pico Blvd. at approx 33rd?

AND there is a guy that sells crepes at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. Can good food be sold on paper plates? ;-)

OrganiCat said...

I had a pleasant surprise at the Farmer's Market (on Arizona in Santa Monica) yesterday! Berliners at the Rockenwagner bakery stand! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Drove all the way out to bring some of these into work this AM and I gotta say, pretty disappointing! There was so little jelly in any of them and the donuts themselves - dare I say it - were a little stale.