Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cafe Nagomi

Cafe Nagomi is not a cafe, but a high-end catering truck serving natural Japanese food. Currently located on Lindblade just east of Ince in Culver City, right next to the Sony complex, they are open for lunch from 11:30 - 2:30, Monday - Friday. I ordered the Nagomi Plate: choose from their daily selection of a seafood or vegetable main dish (I choose the fish, Chinese-style red snapper), pick two sides (stewed Japanese eggplant and vegetable pot-stickers), accompanied by a small salad and miso soup ($12.95).

They also serve fish bowls, noodles, rice balls and a couple of sushi rolls. Check out their menu online. They boast serving organic grains, tofu, and vegetables, naturally brewed organic soy sauce, and use of purified water. They do not serve dairy products, refined sugar, artificial flavoring, or use microwaves. Service was warm, friendly and prompt, the food was excellent, the rice brown, and portions a little small.

I ate everything, felt satisfied, but not stuffed. I had energy after this meal, when usually Japanese food such as Teriyaki is so loaded down with sugar I feel the need for a nap. Nagomi must be Macrobiotic, or close to it. I think folks with large appetites would need to order some extra sides to fill up. The tab came to $17 with my green mint tea (very green, very strong), a little more than I expected to pay, but the high quality of ingredients, and perfect execution were worth it.

Cafe Nagomi
On Lindblade btw. Ince and Higuera in Culver City
Mon - Fri, 11:30 -2:30


Janis said...

Boy, you are making me homesick. I left Culver City (moved to Northern California) six years ago. It was a foodie wasteland back then (I also grew up there). Other than Tito's Taco's, Johnny's Pastrami, and Versaille, there was none of this cool stuff. It still makes me sad that Surfa's turned into another Sur la Table.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pricey for food from a truck.

triplecreme said...

DDG - It is pricey if it were one of those nasty Roach Coaches, but it is not like those.

reverto said...

Organic soy sauce!? Bleecccch! Even the green, low salt bottles of soy sauce at sushi joints peeve me.

I tried the Nagomi truck awhile back, and while I agree with the sentiments that one is left feeling healthy and not overstuffed, I definitely needed something more and felt that the experience wasn't worth going out of my way for. I'm glad I tried them once, though, as it's the most interesting lunch truck experience I've ever had, esp. as it's situated in my hometown of Culver City.

But give me a "roach coach" anytime. Check out the taco truck that sets up shop at on the Southwest corner of Olympic and La Brea on weekend nights. Be sure to ask for the grilled jalapeno on the side. (Credit goes to Evan Kleiman of KCRW's "Good Food" for turning me on to this new local institution).

Or the truck just east of Venice and Cattaraugus on the south side of the street, open most nights. (Look for the bright shop light on a tripod). They've got my favorite al pastor in town.

Or the truck that's secreted away on Redondo just north of Adams by Club Fais Do Do. They've got condiments for days!

Or the daytime Mariscos truck on Glencoe south of Washington in the Marina (that I haven't been to in years and hope is still there) -- amazing Mexican style shrimp cocktail.

Viva la roach coach!!!


Anonymous said...

I love Cafe Nagomi. I work nearby to one of their locations, and it's my favorite lunch spot. Those other trucks mentioned don't sound very healthy -- Nagomi offers healthy and tasty food, and my health is well worth the price!

Colin Bayer said...

dudes, you can't go to cafe nagomi and expect it to be a taco truck. just because its in a truck doesn't mean it's gotta suck.

this is high quality food that you would expect to pay 2x the price for at M Cafe or some other uppity hippy place.

Anonymous said...

I am a Cafe Nagomi fan for sure. Great to be able to pick up something fresh, healthy, and flavorful on the go. You can also find them at the Mar Vista farmers market on Sundays from 9-1 (Grand View Ave, between Venice and Pacific)