Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Jonathan Club

The other day my friend was generous enough to take me along in as a guest of hers at The Jonathan Club on PCH after work for drinks and snacks. The food was just plain o' bar food. Perfectly enjoyable crowd-pleasing snacks, but nothing special. We ordered some wine, shrimp scampi, onion rings, sat back and enjoyed the sunset. There is something extremely carefree about signing for the bill. I could easily rack up a large tab that way.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to Sushi Zo on National?
Amazing quality, and its just starting to get busy .
love your blog. I've been to the Cheese Store so many times,
I didn't know that they had classes. thanks

Yamilet Jovel said...

I worked there before....I am trying to get in contact with some one how woek there...I am wondering if he is still working there....please can you e-mail me the club phone #...thank you...