Monday, October 30, 2006

My 2nd Favorite Burger

My 2nd favorite burger is the California Burger at Houston's in Santa Monica. It is made with moist, tender beef (ground in-house) avocado, jack cheese, arugula, and mustard. I love the combo of fat on fat. Served with skinny, crispy fries, it is a most satisfying meal. Rarely can I stray from the burger and order something else on the menu. If you want to check out this burger, remember: only the Houston's on 2nd Street in Santa Monica has it. I have been greatly disappointed when I expected to order it in other locations.

My favorite burger is The Office Burger at Father's Office, but I have become so fed up with the crowds and noise at FO, I turn to Houston's for the glory of a salty, fatty, burger fix.

202 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, Ca 90401


H. C. said...

I wonder if Houston's in Pasadena (much closer to me) would yield the same delicious burger ... alas, I've never tried the FO one.

My current fave is Lucky Devils in Hollywood -- but a hassle to get to & find parking.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

OMG--can you gain weight from reading blog posts? These photos are heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried 25 Degrees, which occupies the space facing Hollywood Blvd. at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel? While I'm not a big fan of the gourmet burger movement, I've been to 25 Degrees twice and I really like the retro room, the rockin' music, and of course, the burgers. They offer two signature sirloin burgers and one turkey. If you like "fat on fat," their #1 burger has carmelized onions and two kinds of cheese. It's pretty insane. The #2 is what I had last night and it's much less greasy, with burata cheese and pesto.

You can go crazy and build your own, too, but I prefer a chef's creation, and there's definitely some chef's touches at 25 Degrees.

triplecreme said...

I have not been there yet. When are you taking me? ;-)