Saturday, November 04, 2006


I stopped by the new Breadbar in the Century City mall today. Same setup as the original on 3rd. Pastry case, and table service. I stood in line for a few minutes, it did not move, so I went upstairs to Coral Tree Express, and had a mediocre Caprese panini instead.

I should have waited in line at Breadbar. Oh well. I went to the original Breadbar a couple of weeks ago. A few times I had been in the neighborhood, and tried to go, but I could never find a parking spot! This last time, I found one down on on Robertson, and only had to walk one block. It was worth the walk. They have lots of pastries, all cooked nice and dark.

They offer croissants in two sizes: American and Euro ( They don't really call them that). Most pastries here are just way too big, it is nice to be able to buy a petite pastry. My absolute favorite item was the Alpine loaf. A Soft, chewy, slightly sour loaf of bread with a bubbly, crisp layer of Swiss cheese on top, and a layer inside as well. I could not keep my hands off it during the ride home. The paper bag got nice and greasy from it too. I would love to make a panini with it!

Their skinny baguettes are fabulous too. A beautiful hard crust, but not too hard like La Brea Bakery bread can be. The best part about the Breadbar in the Century City mall is, it is not in the new foodcourt area. I feel so discombobulated up there. I just cannot get used to the new design.

8718 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Erin S. said...

I need to go back here--only been once to pick up some bread for a party. You're right though, the parking is insane!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

The bread looks very good but the sandwich does look kind of mediocre like you said. (I guess after that hamburger from your last's hard to compare ;-)) It sounds like people are climbing all over the place to get in...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Who eats bread?