Saturday, November 18, 2006

Famima!! in Culver City!!

After sprouting up all over Los Angeles, last Thursday Japanese "Super Convenience" chain Famima!! opened in Culver City. I dropped in today for some lunch. Clean, bright, airy and super organized, they offer many ready to eat food items, candy, snacks, lots of Japanese junk food, and some basic necessities like toiletries. But not your regular convenience store brands. They have higher end chocolates and candies, 7th generation recycled paper products, many interesting teas and sodas, and many kinds of chips, including my favorite: Kettle Chips with black pepper. From the reasonably priced ready to eat food sections, everything is tidy, organized and individually wrapped. They have pastries, like this great little chocolate bundt cake ($1.25), tasting just like a Ding-Dong, but better.

I also picked out this dim sum combo ($5.98). Good, especially the pork bun.

Near the register, they have a hot case with some funny little snacks, like these fried sausage ravioli called "crustini" ($2.75). Crispy, cheesy little delights.

For my main course, I choose this Chicken Korma ($5.70). Just a little spicy, it was pretty good. Even better than Whole Foods brand frozen Indian meals I have been eating lately.

they have a bunch of Japanese plates, like sushi, tempura, noodles, and hand rolls. A few Indian dishes, lots of sandwiches and wraps, and some continental favorites like Paella and Jambalaya. This is a really neat little store, great for lunch and snacks. I am glad there is one so close to me now.

10704 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Billy said...

went out of sheer curiousity a couple of days ago...

some of the food was decent (the loco moco and the chix salad w/ apples and walnuts), others were not (steam buns from the counter).

it is a neat store but kind of 'cha-ching'.

friend request sent!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I drove past one of these places, wondering what the heck a Famima was and why it needed two exclamation points, and you've answered my questions for me!

However... jambalaya is "continental"?

H. C. said...

Hey there, I am a fan of famima!! too and recently did a write-up when they opened to Pasadena:

The dim sum is probably the only thing I'd shy away from there, since I live/work in the San Gabriel Valley there are probably much better options to choose from.

I'd have to make a point to check out more of their rice bowl dishes---I get so easily distracted by their paninis & steamed buns & sushi (which aren't half bad either.)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this place!! Sounds good!! And it's so fun putting two exclamation points after everything!! Makes life more exciting!! (Ok, I'll stop now..) ;-)

Zazoo Pitts said...

They do have Organic Valley milk (whole or fat-free only) so no need to trek to Whole Foods anymore. Plus it is 15 cents cheaper.

Had the Red Bean Hoagie today for breakfast. Only 1 cm of red bean and cream in it (!!) but still cost $1.40 (all bun).

I do recommend the choclate covered banana and cream but a little pricey ($2.50)

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy day! St. Louis's beloved toasted ravioli comes to Los Angeles! I must try it!

Rachael Narins said...

I was at the one in H'Wood last night! Its the perfect spot to get cheap, healthy eats after pickling ones liver!

Love your blog, super excited to have found it!

Happy New Year...


Anonymous said...

I've eaten at the one in Westwood, but I can't get past the fact that the Culver City location (and the adjacent CPK Express) used to be a Goodyear.