Thursday, March 27, 2008


I heard that a friend of mine had been getting sandwiches from a new cafe in downtown Culver City called Skratch. As a seasoned food blogger, I pride myself in knowing about all the new eateries around town, especially in my jurisdiction of Mar Vista/Culver City. I stopped by this morning and found out they have already been open for 5 months! How could I have missed a new restaurant in CC for 5 months! Apparently, they only just recently put up the sign. Hhmph.

Skratch is somewhat like a mini Tender Greens. They offer, fast, fresh food with a gourmet twist on the conventional. Their menu is small and to the point. Consisting primarily of salads and sandwiches ($6.95), and each menu item can be made into either one. We ate in, and I was initially disappointed our food was presented in take-out containers. I would have preferred a plate, but they are essentially a take-out business with some on-site tables.

I had the braised pulled-pork sandwich, with a very sweet fig and grape compote, green apples, goat cheese, truffle essence and lots of greens. I really liked the pork, and I think next time will order it as a salad in order to savor the flavor better. I enjoyed this combo, especially the hint of truffle. It is a bit light on the meat (as was my friend's salad), but it is inexpensive and worth what you pay for. My friend had a chicken salad with a nice sun-dried tomato pistou. They also offer a few soups, house-made cookies, and Kettle Chips. I am really loving the emergence of healthy, fast food outlets, and Skratch is no exception.

3867 Hughes Avenue
Culver City, CA 90232


David and Jenny Conlon said...

I love Skratch...I try to eat at least once a week as its in walking distance from work. The braised pork is my favorite..It used to have balsamic instead of truffle oil which i thought added some nice acidity, but it is still delicious.

I can reccomend the bbq pork sand and the roasted chicked salad....and the cookies!

Anonymous said...

Delicious, fast & easy.

I've had 3 different soups & 3 different salads. All were great.

Merely 1 block from Sony, for those that work at Sony, like me!

My new fave local joint!