Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunday Supper at Lucques

Aahhh...Sunday supper at Lucques. No reservations were available, so we snagged some seats at the bar. They always start you off with almonds, Lucques olives, house-baked bread, Plugra butter and fleur de sel. This and a glass (or 2) of wine is really all I need. For a mere $40, on Sunday they serve a 3 course meal. Our dinner began with a salad of miner's lettuce, beets and labneh - absolutely heavenly, then a choice of braised lamb shank or blue nose sea bass - I selected the fish. Served with greens, salsisfy, black trumpet mushrooms and a wonderful slightly creamy sauce. Perfect. My friends and I always use up half the conversation trying to deconstruct the meals, so we may attempt to re-create them at home. For dessert we enjoyed a beautiful date bar with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. 

Lucques has been my favorite restaurant for a couple of years now. My friend DJ and I have instituted the Lucques Litmus Test. Whenever we dine elsewhere, we ask these questions: Is the meal as creative as Lucques? Is it something we can prepare just as well? Do we feel good about handing over our credit card because the money was well spent? If the answers are yes, no, yes, then they have passed the LLT. If we we ever think to ourselves (or out loud), "we should have gone to Lucques," then they fail. 

8474 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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