Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tender Greens in Culver City, Part 2

I have visited Tender Greens in Culver City a couple of times since my, first review and I have noticed two changes. The first is the addition of two "order here" signs, and this last visit I was immediately greeted and asked for my order! I couldn't believe how quickly we were noticed. Every other time I spent minutes before someone would take my order. As I walked up to the register, I noticed a photographer taking photos of the food prep. David, one of the 3 owners, told me he was from the LA Times, and S. Irene Virbila (the LA Times food critic) was just in last night. Keep an eye out for her review in either the Wednesday Food Section of the Thursday Calendar. I can't wait to read her opinion of the ordering and service! (Above is the Ahi Tuna Salad, and the Chinese Chicken salad below)


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I went to TG for dinner tonight after reading your reviews. It was really quite good and we would definitely go back. The staff was very friendly (in fact, 2 people offered to help us when we walked in). My girlfriend had a glass of Pranqster ($4) and the Chinese Chicken salad ($10) which looked almost exactly like your photo except with double the amount of chicken. I adventurously ordered a diet Root Beer ($2.50) and the Mediterranean Spinach salad which normally does not contain chicken but I ordered it with chicken (an additional $5). So, my $10 salad was suddenly a $15 salad, which is pretty much the max I'd willingly pay for any salad at any retaurant. It wasn't until I was almost finished with it that I realized they forgot to add the red onions, but you'll hear no complaints from my girlfriend about that. And the salad tasted so good, it didn't matter. There were loads of kalamata olives, fresh feta, and the greens were very, er, tender. The bussing staff was very quick to remove our tray once we sat down and our plates when were finished eating which was cool. Our total for 2 salads and 2 bevvies was $34. One suggestion: have an option for customers to design their own salad or have a salad "special" that changes every month to keep things interesting. Will definitely go back... and often.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Tender Greens. They do have specials posted by the Order Here sign (which I agree was definitely needed). Usually there's a special wine, soup and salad to choose from.

I usually get a side of grilled veggies, but then realize I'm too full after the huge salad. Love their carrot cake!

Thanks so much for this blog.