Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tapas in Granada

While in Granada, we were able to make a meal out of tapas. It was so nice to forget about making reservations, and eating at just about anytime we wished. One afternoon for lunch (around 2:00), we ventured to a bar called La Ballena Allegre near the bullring and ordered two glasses of tinto de verana, which would would come with a choice of sandwiches (we choose blood sausage and jamon serrano) for about 5 Euro a round. After two rounds, we were satiated and ready to tour the bullring.

I know these pictures are not food-related, but I have to share them. We took a private tour of the bullring (the first time my Gaditano had been in one - I had seen a bullfight 5 years ago in Madrid, once was enough) and here are some highlights. If the bullfighter gets hurts, they whisk him off to the examination room. I don't think any bullfighter wants to have reason to step into those stirrups.

If surgery is necessary, they have an ER set up (note the state-of-the-art-hand-cranked operating table). They do not waste anytime shuttling the bullfighter to a nearby hospital.

He may then rest and recover in the adjacent recovery room.

They family waits for him here,

and prays for him here.

OK, back to tapas. One warm summer night, we had drinks and tapas at Oliver, in Plaza Pescadeia. We sat outside, enjoyed some wine with tuna empanadas, and another round with fried stuffed mussels and croquetas. It was 10:30 or so, and everyone was out enjoying the beautiful, warm night.

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