Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LA Vegan

In Mar Vista, right across the street from Casa Sanchez, in a neighborhood of taquerias, lawn mower shops, and bail bondsman, is this little gem called LA Vegan. It is in a small space, not particularly cute or comfortable to dine-in (read: takeout), but clean and staffed with capable and friendly servers. Similar to the other vegan cafes I have tried, California Vegan and The Vegan Joint, the menu is mostly Asian fare, with lots of ways to eat your tofu or fake meat. And they deliver!

On my first visit I ordered an appetizer of corn fritters ($6.95), which were five small corn pancakes, served with a sweet and sour syrup with cucumber. I nice sweet and savory combo. I like to call food like pancakes, french fries and sugar "vegan junk food." When I venture to the vegan cafes, I go because I want lots of vegetables, but I usually end up with at least one (or two) high-carb-fried-vegan-junk-food items, like these tasty spring rolls...

Cute little deep fried spring rolls ($4.95) with a (very sweet) sweet and sour sauce.

My next meal from LA Vegan was delivered to my home for free ( with a $12 minimum order) and this meal was healthy! I ordered one of their dinner specials: Lentil loaf with steamed vegetables and brown rice ($8.95). The lentil loaf tastes much better than it looks - it is savory and a bit sweet from the onions and bell peppers mixed in. It came with a vegan aioli which I dipped the vegetables in.

I couldn't resist ordering something fried (and I had to reach that $12 minimum), so I ordered some vegetable dumplings ($4.95). They were enjoyable and satisfied my ever-present meat/fat/salt cravings...along with a glass of Galician Albarino and the meal was perfect.

LA Vegan
4507 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Anonymous said...

Corn Fritters you say? I am so jealous... none of the cookie-cutter Thai vegan places near me have corn fritters, which in and of itself makes LA Vegan special in my book. Yum... I gotta go try those!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE LA VEGAN. I am happy to read positive reviews on the web. this place is amazing, and affordable; I try to eat there once a week or so, to help the new place stay afloat (and because I crave, I crave).

great blog resource. I'm on Grand View near Louise - I think I live mere blocks from you!

Unknown said...

The "chicken wing" drumettes are amazingly wonderful vegan junk food. Everything I've had at LA Vegan has been quite good. I'm on Victoria near Grand View.