Thursday, July 05, 2007


After a busy 4th of July, I was craving a nap this afternoon, but opted for a temporary sugar high instead. Milk is a wonderful ice cream/pastry/sandwich shop on Beverly Blvd. Sundaes, brownies, blondies, cookies, pudding, pecan bars, ice cream sandwiches, tres leches cake, chocolate cake, bon bons, and even a blue velvet cake (stunning color, but certainly not appealing as red). I choose thier version of Affogato, called Espresso a la Mode: vanilla ice cream with espresso, hazelnuts, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It was so big and rich I was only able to eat about half of it, but enjoyed every bite.

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


foodette said...

Yum! I need to go here next!

Anonymous said...

looks wonderful, not that I'm lacking ice creameries where I live, but the toppings at milk seem fairly unique.