Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bel-Air Bay Club - How the Other 2% Live

I was invited to the newly rebuilt beach club, the Bel-Air Bay Club on the beach in between Temescal Canyon and Sunset Blvd. It was an absolutly beautiful summer day. We sat outside, ordered from the bar menu, and met their new French chef, Yves. Overall, the food was pleasant enough, but certainly not exceptional. I liked the sliders, even though the burgers were cooked on the wrong side of medium for me, but the fries were crisp and excellent. The lamb chops with truffled potatoes were good, but a little to hot and rich for summer, and the quivering mint Jell-o was downright gross.

The artichoke was nice with the tartar sauce, but it was served in a pool of tomato sauce that made for un unpleasant combination. The only dish I couldn't eat was the lobster and crab dip - it was milky and runny, with a strong, canned fish taste.

The other seafood dishes were probably the best. We had a shrimp cocktail, a nice seared ahi with mango, and a plate of sashimi with avocado and grapefruit that was wonderfully refreshing.

The food was edible but unmemorable. Like many mediocre restaurants with a view (Galdstone's), the location can make up for a lot (and food can sometimes taste better when someone else is paying for it).

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