Wednesday, March 21, 2007

La Espanola

I went down to my favorite little Spanish import store (the only one I know), in Harbor City. They have several Spanish cheeses and chorizos (they make thier own chorizos here, in the US, under the Dona Juana brand), including my favorite, Fuet ( they sell many of these items to stores like Whole Foods and Surfas - they are much less expensive here!) They have wine, alioli, poquillo peppers, paella rice, saffron, Spanish wine and sherry... all the Spanish items you could ever want.

We were the only English speakers in the place (a good sign). They even sell whole Jamon Serrano! Imagine, having the whole piece on your kitchen counter, ready for you to cut off a slice for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner...also, on our way out I noticed a little covered side patio where patrons were enjoying thier sandwiches and wine.

Heather got this great Jamon Serrano, Manchego and poquillo pepper sandwich, just like the ones we had at the Champagnaria in Barcelona!

La Espanola Meats, Inc.
25020 Doble Ave.
Harbor City, Ca 90710


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Jamon Serrano sandwich has my mouth watering, literally! Sounds like a quick drive down there is in my future.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - there's paella, by reservation only, on Saturday afternoons.

thehungrycat said...

This looks amazing! We're still relatively new to LA (just had our first LA year's anniversary), and I've been to many a great place thanks to your blog.

Can't wait to check this out!