Thursday, March 01, 2007

3 Square Cafe - Now Open

I had a pleasant lunch today at Hans Rockenwagner's new 3 Square Cafe, next to his new 3 Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney. Currently they are open for breakfast and lunch, and will open for dinner soon. The cafe is in a nice, clean, airy space with IKEA-Euro-Modern tables and benches, with a big 10 seat communal table. They would not give me a menu to take with me, so I photographed it instead!

I ordered a Hans Rockenwagner classic, the pretzel bruger. A decent burger, cooked beautifully medium rare, with deep dark caramelized onions, but undersalted. The fries were nice and crisp, but oversalted. The menu looks pretty interesting, especially breakfast. Braised pork belly with cheddar grits and root vegetables! The combo sounds fabulous, but I think one should be prepared for a mid-morning nap after that meal! They serve wine, right now only offering one red, a Cabernet Sauvingnon. The rest are whites, including 5 Chardonnays. Five? One red? They just opened, lets see what they serve in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of outdoor seating as well, with plenty of shade. I look forward to checking out their dinner soon.

3 Square Bakery
1121 Abbot Kinney
Venice, CA 90291


Anonymous said...

It looks like it says avocado fries. Is that deep fried avocado?

Food Marathon said...

Is the pretzel burger similar to the "Bacon Krispy Kreme Burger"? If the meat was pretzel-shaped I might have to try it.

Emily Schindler said...

They've just added some Austrian wines to their list- a Gruner Veltliner, a Sauvignon Blanc, a red Blaufrankisch, and an Eiswein made from Gruner Veltliner.

Anonymous said...

had the tuna burger yesterday on our way back to Santa Barbara from LA~ truly fab!!!!