Thursday, January 15, 2009

Restaurant Week Press Conference, Year 2

I attended a press conference for LA's second annual Dine LA Restaurant week. This year's conference was bigger and better than last year's. It was held at the new SLS Hotel, with a reception in Jose Andres' The Bazaar restaurant. go see the hotel and restuarant yourself - I cannot even begin to describe the cool, outlandish decor. There were several chef's present, all in their chef whites (and blacks) such as Mary Sue Milikin, Kerry Simon, Fred Eric, Evan Kleiman, Todd Barrie, Ben Ford, Celestino Drago, and Katzuto Matsusaka of Beacon, who approached my Gaditano boyfriend thinking he knew him (he must think all Spaniards look alike). I did use Luis to my advantage - he approached Jose Andres and chatted him up in Spanish and asked him to pose for this photo.

The food passed around was exquisite. We had crab with raspberry sauce,

traditional Spanish croquetas, pata negra that melted in your mouth, sangria,

Jose Andres' version of a Philly cheese steak, and El Bulli's famous "olives" that burst pure liquid olive into your mouth when you break the delicate skin holding it together.

Restaurant week is from January 25-30, and February 1-6. Prix fixe lunches and dinners, many of which are steals compared to their normal menus. Bigger and better than last year, I cannot wait for my Bazaar reservation to roll around.

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