Saturday, January 10, 2009


For breakfast, while in Solvang, one has to get some aebleskivers! Denmarks answer to a beignet - kind of like a pancake ball, and a little dense like a doughnut, and not very sweet on its own. Doused in raspberry jam and powdered sugar, three of these (and a side a bacon), we were ready for the drive home.

Solvang Restaurant
1672 Copenhagen Dr.
Solvang, CA, 93463


lauralop said...

that is so funny - i made ebelskiver for breakfast this morning for the first time, and then i checked your blog and saw this! next time i'm up that way i'll definitely have to try this place.

Mike said...

I love Aebleskivers! None of my bi-annual visits to Solvang are ever complete unless I get some of these from the Solvang Restaurant's take-window.

I've never eaten inside so I miss out on the salty sweet combination of bacon and jam. Maybe I'll finally have to give it a go next time I make the drive?

Out of curiosity, do you know of any other places along the way to the windmill City worth stopping at. I've not done the pea soup at Anderson's but have always wondered about that place.

Here is my experience from my blog:

ChristianZ said...

Here's my family's old recipe:

Prints out like a recipe card.

Kristi said...

I make these at home and my kids LOVE them!! Of course, so do I!