Monday, January 28, 2008

All the Syrah You Can Stand

I attended a Syrah tasting at held inside HD Buttercup in the Helms Bakery complex in downtown Culver City (and Father's Office still looked far from completion). It was organized by Learn About Wine. Once they opened the doors, were handed a wine glass started off with some rose, and then began strolling through the massive store, stopping at the tables to taste the wines and chat with the distributors/wine makers/sales reps. There was also some food available to snack on, courtesy of The Cheese Store and Heirloom Catering.

There were about 40 different Syrahs available to taste, which is really quite overwhelming. I have to say, I was Syrah-ed out by the end of the evening. We rounded off the night with some pizza at Ford's Filling Station followed by a one hour wait for our taxi. Apparently, there is only one taxi company allowed to pick up in Culver City, and they take their sweet time doing so. This needs to change, especially with the thriving restaurant scene. One should be able to walk out of Fraiche, Ford's or Bottle Rock to find a couple of cabs waiting and ready for a fare. By the time our cab showed up we were sober.


Sarah Darling said...

Hey Bree,

I was just looking up info on Vinum Populi and found your blog! This is Sarah from Italian class. What fun to see you on here--I have bookmarked your page and I look forward to going through it!


triplecreme said...

Hi Sarah! Glad you found the blog!Will you be in the conversation class Spring semester?

EvilRbt said...

How do you always find out about these events?

And what is the "The National Health and Wellness Society Wine Club?" How does one join?

triplecreme said...

Charles - you can check for future tasting events and classes. As for NHWSWC, membership is currently closed.