Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gaby's Express

I checked out the brand new Gaby's Express for lunch the other day in the old Spin location on Washington Blvd just west of Lincoln. My friends and I used to have dinner at Gaby's on Venice Blvd quite a bit. The atmosphere was lively, the food was pretty good, and you could bring in a couple bottles of wine and they usually would only charge us corkage for one. We would feast on middle eastern savory pastires, pita, baba ganoush, hummus, meats, ect. for under $20 a person. Gaby's Express, as you can guess, is a take-out version of the original. I ordered a perfectly good 1/4 rotisserie chicken with a side of steamed vegetables (I know, so healthy. This is what it has come too, after one too may cupcakes). It came with a Zankou-esque mystery garlic sauce. What is in that stuff? It is minced garlic, but held together by what? Gaby's version was good, but, or course, not as good as Zankou. But Zankou does not have a drive through. The rest of their menu had all the usual Mediterranean fare, at reasonable prices. I will go back, for sure.

Gaby's Express
3216 Washington Blvd.
Marina Dal Rey, CA 90292


Ellen Bloom said...

The mystery question of the decade....what binds that Zankou garlic sauce? My vote...mayo! Let me know if you find out the secret.

Anonymous said...


Im 12 years old and live in LA to! my parents are HUGE foodies and i came across your blog tring to search somthng one google(my moms blog Misswhitsle) and now i read ur bolg almost EVERYDAY!Im a huge fan ofSprinkles and suzie cakes me and mi friends fronm archer walk over there sometimes after school! So i just wanted to tell you ho much i love your blog!


la girl

i see u didnt have tomuch sushi features on your blog and even though it seems stupid to take the advise of a 12 year old kid PLEAE do. Got to Sushi mac they have 3 location 1, next to the beverly center in the mini mall next to kiwi bery (the best one!) 2, on olimpic right nere my brothers school wildwood (seconde best), and one i sherman oaks which i have only been to 1 cuz i dont live nere there. But please try it and make sure to order Dynamite mac roll and The best albacore sashimi u will ever ete! its cheap to! please try it!!

Anonymous said...

i once spoke to zankou...and its NOT mayo...supposedly its a potato puree and olive oil. anyways, the star at gabys is actually the chicken shwarma...get the platter, and make your own mini gyros. the chicken is fantastic!