Friday, August 03, 2007

Lunch at Fraiche

Fraiche in Culver City recently opened for lunch, and my generous friend took me there the other day. A perfect summer day, we sat outside in their covered patio. My friend and I shared three plates: mushroom salad, pea and mint ravioli, and a hamburger. The salad was nice, but the dressing a tad too sweet. The ravioli were heavenly: ricotta, pea and mint puree nestled inside a soft, delicate, pasta, lightly coved in a rich butter sauce, which I was later cleaning up with my bread.

The burger is not a normal burger. They call it "Royal with Cheese" (go see Pulp Fiction if you haven't already). The "bun" is made from pate a choux dough topped in cheese (the same dough used in eclairs and cream puffs). I loved the crispy cheese layer. The meat itself was super moist and cooked perfectly medium rare. My friend was less impressed with the Royale. Mind you, this is the friend who took me for one of the best burgers in town at San Francisco Saloon. You may be disapointed if you are expecting a proper burger, but impressed if you are expecting something unusual.

For dessert, we shared a slightly boring chocolate pot de creme (the chocolate flavor was too weak), and an outstanding Affogato.

9411 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

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EvilRbt said...

The burger at Fraiche is awesome. I just wish they would put it on the regular bar menu. They only serve it at lunch and Fraiche only opens for lunch Mon - Fri.