Monday, August 27, 2007

Lamb's Brain Ravioli

...are much better than they may sound. I had them the other night in Las Vegas at Mario Batali's new (and better than Osteria Mozza) B&B Ristorante, in The Venetian Hotel. They were minced or pureed in placed inside tender fresh pasta, covered in a wonderful butter and sage sauce (sorry no photo - it was too dark, and I was on vacation). They were very mild, and had the texture of ricotta cheese (which may have been mixed in the filling). Everything about B&B was wonderful: smooth service, wine by the quartino, dark, cozy interior, and cool rock and roll on the soundtrack. Followed by fried sweetbreads, truly a meal to remember.

B&B Ristorante
Venetian Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about B&B being better than Osteria Mozza, I've eaten at B&B twice and once at Osteria Mozza and found that both food and service were better at B&B (maybe it was that I could have as much wine and did without having to drive) don't get me wrong Osteria Mozza was very good just a different vibe, try All' Angelo just a few blocks west of Osteria Mozza. I'll be at B&B this weekend.....
Happy Eating

Brian Aldrich said...

This sounds tasty. In April, my wife and me went to Vegas (I haven't been there in 17 years.) and we dined at Maggiano's Little Italy. We had just seen Gordie Brown at the Venetian (free tickets-we paid for Penn & Teller and Spamalot) and while I loved the beef cannelloni, the caesar salad, and the Danzantie/Tuscany Chianti at Maggiano's, I wish I'd known about this place. I have some pics of the fantastic BRAISED beef canneloni, but I just realized I can't place them here. Oh, well.