Wednesday, January 03, 2007


After dropping $125 at The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills, I decided to go around the block and check out the new Frittelli's doughnut store on Canon, next to the Too-Cool-for-School hair salon, Guiseppe Franco. The doughnuts are good, but really just slightly better than your standard Winchells or Yum Yum. Their only edge is that they offer a couple of unusual flavors like lemon poppy seed, cranberry, peppermint and mocha.

The only one I enthusiastically finished was the crumb. Packed in a cute, sturdy, Tiffanyesque blue box, they would make a nice overpriced gift, like a box of Sprinkles cupcakes. If I lived in the area, and wouldn't mind packing on the pounds, I would go back. But I don't, so I won't. Good doughnuts, fast, friendly service, but nothing terribly special.

350 N Canon Dr. Suite 6
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


One Food Guy said...

Ah, Frittelli's. All I can think of is the bad guys from The Goonies, the Fratellis.

Whatever, those donuts look damn good!

Anonymous said...

I have been curious about this place, what is the PPD (price per donut)?

I think that gourmet donuts may be a harder sell than gourmet cupcakes. It would be interesting to see how the economics stack up, Frittelli's vs. Sprinkles.

Anonymous said...

I've been sort of wanting to try this place, but I guess maybe I oughtn't make a special trip. They do look fantastic, though. I'm sort of a sucker for nice packaging.

I love the BH Cheese Store. Have you ever been to one of their cheese tastings? So much cheese.

triplecreme said...

Grant -Yes, I love their tastings! So much cheese and wine!

Jonah-The doughnuts were $1-2.50, the Bear Claw being the most expensive. Sprinkles are more expensive per unit, but I think cupcakes are more enjoyable to eat. Congrats to us for making the LA Times!

Anonymous said...

Yes congratulations to you. And happiness for me, a venice-based appreciator of food who has found you.

To think someone has written of one of my great delights--the SF Saloon bar burger. AND who knows the joy of SagPaneer at Hurry Curry. Delighted to meet you.

Anonymous said...

That wonderful box made it looked like "gourmet" doughnuts.

H. C. said...

I got the feeling that frittelli's were overhyped.

For very special doughnuts, I'd check out Grace Restaurant on Wednesdays -- price is steep for what they are, but worth at least one try, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Is it worth the drive from Calabasas to try the apple fritters? They look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I am a lover of Frittelli's they are 100 times better than Winchells or any other doughnut Iv'e tried, the green apple fritters are moist and they actually have green apples not some fake green preservative junk in them. I also live to have their mocha latte, cinnamon roll and bluebeery buttermilk. I was just in and their fall flavors are coming out and they look juicy!!
red velvet, praline crunch and so many I can't remember. I just had them ship to my family back east and they were good when they got there. I am a believer!