Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jamaica's Cakes

Jamaica'a Cakes is a charming bakery just a couple doors down from The San Francisco Saloon. I have been there twice now, the only thing holding me back from returning is the threat of gaining weight! Even after the polishing off the Cable Car Burger, we enjoyed a wonderful chocolate cupake, a Black Bottom muffin, and an excellent eclair, filled with Bavarian Cream ($1.75-2.25).

Jamaica's husband urged me to try try thier cakes, which is, of course, their specialty. They offer many flavors, fillings and frostings, including several vegan options as well. Their pastry case is always filled with cupcakes, cookies, bars (like this raspberry bar - as good as my favorite one from La Brea Bakery), brownies and more.

Jamaica's Cakes
11511 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Anonymous said...

Holy moly that eclair looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing about all the different places to eat on the Westside! i'm always looking for good places to go, but without the drive. and i've found them now, thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

wow, sugar overload on your blog lately.

triplecreme said...

Yes, I eat it so you don't have to.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao bella,
I'm late on this one because I haven't had time to keep up on my fave blogs lately so I have been missing my Triplecreme fix, but this is a great post... I heart that cake in the first photo, will you ask Jamaica to send it over for my wedding? Pretty please? I'm afraid I'll end up like I saw at one Italian wedding, a literal mountain, I'm talking Matterhorn, of chocolate covered cream puffs. Gasp!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE Jamaica's Cakes. If you are able to get there first thing in the morning (Note Mondays are closed - I learned the hard way), their scones are to die for and definitely their blueberry muffins with the slight crunch at the top. MMMM. I had Jamaica create a Baby Shower Block cake for me with three blocks and three different flavors of cake (carrot, oreo, and chocolate) and the guests loved it. My personal favorite? The pecan bar at room temperature - lovely gooeyness in every bite! So glad you featured them!