Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bluebird Cafe

I checked out the Bluebird Cafe in Culver City, tucked away on National Blvd, down by the Hayden Tract. Very cute and charming, with an covered outdoor patio, long banqette table and an open kitchen. They offer several salads, sandwiches, panini and cupcakes (!).

We shared a perfectly crisp (I always order them well done) Gruyere and prosciutto panini, along with a spinach and goat cheese salad.

I couldn't resist trying their red velvet cupcake - one of the best I have had. They frosted it with a thin, light, creamy, cream cheese frosting, much like Royal Icing. The cake was a beautiful dark red, baked to perfection. Much better than Susiscakes! They also offered carrot, lemon, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.


supervee racer said...

Bree, Great new items and reviews on the Blog. Pictures are perfect and everytime I read it I get hungry !!
Love, Dad

Darlene said...

Red velvet better than Susie Cakes? Hmmm... I will have to investigate. I can't tell from the picture but is it a normal sized cupcake?

Thanks for the lead!

triplecreme said...

Griffen - Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to my list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bree Crocetti,

I just found your website through a link on GREAT SITE!!!!

I work in culver and I have eaten at many of the restaurants you mentioned. Tender Greens is currently my favorite but thanks to your list I have a whole new culinary palette to choose from!!!

Great site, keep it up and I will definitely be checking out more reviews as you post. Also, have you been to the Stanton Social in NY??? If not I recommend you try it out!

Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

I love Bluebird! The best item I have had(at least once a week) on their menu is the tuna melt.

Anonymous said...

I work down the street from Bluebird and have seen the space's many transformations from a Vietnamese restaurant long time ago to what it is now.

When Bluebird opened it was very charming. It had a glass case full of cupcakes and Bouche de Noel during the holidays. It got busy, so I stopped going.

I just went recently, and it feels like it's lost its charm. Maybe it has a new owner? I was surprised that it wasn't busy. The glass case is gone. Food and drinks are served with as much disposable packaging as possible, which is something of a trend between The Point and Cafe Surfas nearby.

At least they don't use the awful paper boxes that Cafe Surfas uses, instead paper in a little plastic basket (think fish and chips).

Eve said...

Thanks for your blog Bree! My fiance and I are big foodies and moved recently close to culver city and we love exploring new restaurants that open up! Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite kind so I will def. check this place out! Best so far has been the one at Toast on 3rd!
Side request: please do more dinner reviews!