Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wilson, One More Time

Ok, this is the last Wilson post, I promise. I went there the other night for a light dinner before hitting the nearby art galleries down the street on Washington Blvd in downtown Culver City. They were fully booked, and we did not have a reservation, so we sat in the very pleasant front patio area. My friends and I shared a bottle of Farella-Park Sauvignon Blanc ($24), and shared every appetizer on the menu. The highlight of the appetizers was the lamb's tongue. Braised for a couple of hours, then cubed and skewered on a sprig of rosemary, they were wonderfully soft and tender, with just the mildest "organy" flavor. The appetizers were a little on the small side, quite a contrast to their large lunch portions. All the dishes were very creative and executed perfectly. Check out some photos:

Shrimp and almond stuffed squid
Tea smoked whitefish salad
Citrus marinated halibut
Ground lamb skewer
Lamb''s tongue
Chocolate banana crepe

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