Thursday, May 14, 2009


Right down the street from (one of my) workplace on the Italian-heavy stretch of San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood is the newly opened Tavern, by Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne of (my fave) Lucques. I strolled down there for lunch, and ordered the Americano sandwich from the lunch counter - cavalo nero, artichokes and burrata, along with a salad and buttermilk dressing. The burrata was so creamy it emulated mayonaisse on the sandwich, but much better!

The breakfast and lunch counter has coffee drinks, baked goods, cold salads and sandwiches, salad dressings, cheese and some pantry items available for take-out or dine-in at the long banquette.

I returned after work with my mom for some appetizers and drinks at the bar. We arrived at 5 PM, and sat near group of four drunk businessmen about 30 minutes away from wearing one of the lampshades on their heads (my mom overheard, "this was the longest lunch I've ever had!"), but thankfully they left soon thereafter and the wine and food provided a very good distraction.

Many items on Tavern's menu come right from the Lucques cookbook, the menu selection seems more American in style than Lucques, and certainly larger, even including a special kid's menu. The bar menu consists of small appetizers, along with burgers and fries. We ordered each a glass of rose, a perfect aperitivo. We shared the brochette of oyster and bacon dipped in batter and deep fried (I dare you to find any fault in that combination), along with fried gougeres and french radishes. Fried/cheese/bacon/wine/bread=good.

The soothing greys and blues, the cozy loveseats and chairs, the always wonderful food by Suzanne Goin, polite, professional service, a perfectly wonderful experience.

11648 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


gourmetpigs said...

deep fried bacon, eh? :P
Thanks for the review! I wish the restaurant name would make it easier to google and fine business hours info though. I wonder how long the wait would be during normal dinner hours - I'm guessing at 5 PM you had no trouble getting a table?

Unknown said...

I work here, and I love the food. I also adore you and your blog. Glad you enjoyed it also ;)

LAkompany said...

Has the interior been renovated with no elements of the old Hamburger Hamlet left? This place is on the top of my to do list.