Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mosto Enoteca

I had my second wonderful meal at Mosto Enoteca the other night. Located upstairs in a strip mall on Washington Blvd in Maria del Rey (next to the late Killer Shrimp), there is finally a good, non-chain restaurant worth going to in the Marina. 

They start you off with a selection of breads and homemade grissini (breadsticks) to nibble on, served with a vegetable puree that changes daily. The first night we had zucchini, potato and truffle, the second night pumpkin and bacon. Much more interesting then your typical olive oil or butter. 

On my first visit, I was with a group of ten and we shared everything family style. A selection of salumi, cheese and some crostini to start, then a few pastas (many of which are house-made), some fish, then a nice big veal chop, some side vegetables, followed by a couple desserts. On the second visit, we were more conservative - just a spinach pancetta and pine nut salad followed by strozzopretti and clams for me. Every single dish I have eaten here has been executed perfectly, with strong, clear flavors, appropriate servings, plated beautifully. Elegant yet simple. 

Just one complaint: the wine list prices are out of proportion to the food prices. You are hard pressed to find a bottle under $50. The food is very reasonably priced, and is actually quite a deal for the quality. It would be more appropriate (and we would certainly have ordered more wine) if they offered more bottles under $35.  Otherwise, Mosto is a cozy, comfortable yet sophisticated restaurant with excellent food I will happily return to. 

Here are some shots a friend took. Unfortunately, he didn't get a shot of the Fred Flintsone sized veal chop or the eequally beautiful double cut pork chop.

Mosto Enoteca
517 Washington Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292


Victoria said...

just discovered your blog -- love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review. I really enjoy your blog, but as a resident of MdR I don't agree with your
"there is finally a good, non-chain restaurant worth going to in the Marina" comment.

Not sure how much you've explored the area, but Cafe del Rey, Beechwood, and Jer-ne are all excellent restaurants. For breakfast, Cafe Buna is a great spot and has a line out the door every weekend.

Anonymous said...

We really appreciate your comments Bree, they speak the truth.
But if you know a little bit about wine, prices, vintages, quality, you know that I would not feel comfortable paring the level of food that Fabrizio presents with cheap wine.

All the best to you for 2009.



Anonymous said...

I went to this place the other day and I think the food was very good. Although, I found the wine list very expensive too, it would be nicer if they have inexpensive quality wines on it. It puts you off going back there although I think the food can make you go back.