Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Be Frank

On the way home from downtown Los Angeles, where we saw this cool, yet mondo bizzaro performance troupe called Strange Fruit Swoon, we stopped for a quick lunch at the Let's Be Frank hotdog truck parked in the Helms Bakery complex, across from Father's Office (Note to Sang Yoon: in our 15 minutes at the hotdog stand, we saw about 15 people walk up to your doors, only to walk away disappointed because FO is closed for lunch. Now that they know the hours of operation, then can return for dinner, only to walk away disappointed again because they will not be able to get a table).

Let's Be Frank sells their own natural, grass feed beef dogs, free of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals. The owner is the former meat forager for Chez Panisse in Berkeley. My mom and I each had their regular dog ($5), mine with grilled onions, and a small bag of Hawaiian style chips. The dog was good, nice and peppery, and meaty tasting. Not as moist as your usual Dodger dog, but very good. The dog is bigger than the bun, which I don't like. I don't enjoy the frank without the bun (and neither does my mom), so we developed a way to have each bite with the bun, by moving the frank with each bite so there is only a slight overhang. Sounds like a lot of effort for something stupid. A guess it is.

The stand is cute, but the condiments were warming up under the direct sun. Other then the truck, you may buy the franks at Owens Market on Pico.

Let's Be Frank

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Nanette said...

Those nitrate-free dogs are perfect for a pregnant gal like me! So yummy, too! They also set up on Abbot Kinney, I believe, close to 3 Square.