Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ugo - An Italian Bar

I have been eagerly awaitng the opening of Ugo's bar right next door to his cafe in downtown Culver City. It is like the bars that are all over Italy - serving espresso, gelato, panino, pastries, liquor and more. They have all the bases covered: you can pop in for a quick morning espresso and pastry, or enjoy lunch from their menu of panini, antipasti, salad, and small plates out on the patio, or drop in for an aperitivo before dinner (or digestivo after dinner). Today I had an after lunch snack of torrone gelato and an espresso con panna. My fellow Italophiles will love this place. We can even attempt to practice our Italian with one of the Italian employees, who come from Sicily and and Naples.

Ugo - An Italian Bar
9501 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Anonymous said...

Do you know their hours?

triplecreme said...

No, I do not. You I posted their phone number so you may call them.

chummy's mum said...

what an awesome foodie blog! great reference for visits out west, thanks.
-a fellow foodie from the northeast :)

Anonymous said...

Have you eaten at Ugo? We have talked about going there a few times, but usually end up at one of the other places down the street.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting 15 years for a place like Ugo to open in LA! a real Italian Bar, but why in Culver City? What about the rest of us who want to get to our latte faster! Do you know if they plan to open more Bars at other locations? By the way, I love your Blog & read it at least once a week. Thank you

triplecreme said...

Jonah - Ugo is pretty good. Their quattro formaggi pizza and tricolore salad are my favorites.

anonymous - what do you mean, "why Culver City?" Us westsiders have waited forever for CC to turn into what it is now. Everyone east of La Cienega has it made with a million cool restaurants and bars. Far as I know, they are not expanding yet. I don't know where you live, but if you are on the Eastside, you must go to Intelligensia for your daily coffee. They are the best. Thanks for reading.

Ellen Bloom said...

Love the good ol' pasta bolognese at Ugo...very meaty and the sauce is divine!

Missed you last Friday nite at Metro! Mentioned you to Sasha...were your ears burning? Of course, we all spoke glowingly of you!

We split the chicken breast with spinach and bernaise sauce w/mushrooms...faboo. Started with the eggplant appetizer. I just LOVE that place!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Thanks for the tip. My friends from my Italian class and I will be checking out this place.


A soon to be expat living in Rome.

Anonymous said...

I love Ugo! Those chewy round bread rolls are my favorite part. They also do delivery, and are kind and un-bitchy about it even when it's obvious they're busy. Not a fan of their steamed veggies, however--it's 90% carrot.

Sarah Auerswald said...

Have you tried their chocolate hazelnut gelato? It's quite amazing. Of course it has an italian name, which I can't remember, but it's worth asking about. I'm so glad they opened as well. Although, it would be nice if you could order a gelato from Ugo bar when you're finished with your dinner in Ugo restaurant, but you can't -- and its not not clear why. But it is still delicious!

Thanks for this blog -- I found you when I was looking for info on Wilson restaurant a few months ago and have been a fan ever since.

Anonymous said...


Gianduia (john-doo-ya) is the chocolate hazelnut flavor you are referring to...and it is absolutely AMAZING! Franco, who is from Rome, is the master of this Gelateria. He closed his shop 5 min. from my house to open this fabulous location. I miss his Gelato greatly. Mike in R.C.