Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catania Market

Immediately after landing in Catania, after seemingly endless sleepless hours of flying, my aunt and uncle drove me to the center of Catania, Sicily. A bustling city crowded with people, cars, noise, the smell of deisel fuel, and beautiful (though in a state of disrepair) old churches and buildings. We parked the car, paid some local Sicilian, who seemed to run the public parking, a couple euro to "watch the car," and headed straight to the open air market. Filled with vegetable, fish and meat vendors, it was a sight for sore, sleepy, jet-lagged eyes. By the way, when we returned to our car, we had gotten a parking ticket, which our "parking attendant" took from us and said he would "take care of it."

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Omigosh, we were there around the same time and took almost the same pictures!! See them at