Monday, April 02, 2007

Leda's Bake Shop - The Best of the Cupcakes!

Leda's has the best cupcakes. The highest quality, richly flavored, cutest cupcakes in all the land. Well, all of the Los Angeles area, at least. The kitchen takes up most of the shop, open for all to see. You can watch them bake and decorate these intricate little cakes. Most of her cupcakes are the mini size. When I first learned this I was disappointed - why would one want a teeny little cupcake? Isn't a cupcake already miniature? Well, the upshot is you may try several flavors without getting sick. They are frosted with real French buttercream frosting - silky, light, and buttery.

Most of the cupcakes have a dollop of filling underneath the frosting. A little glob of chocolate, lemon curd, or dulce de leche for example. She offers a couple of flavors in full-size cupcakes, like chocolate and vanilla. She also makes several cookies (yes, little ones), including a most delectible chocolate chip cookie. If you do not live in the valley, it is worth a trip.

Leda's Bake Shop
13722 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA


thehungrycat said...

Ooooh, I have to find this place!

Anonymous said...

I had these cupcakes at my wedding & they made us a matching 6" cake to do the "cutting". Everyone LOVED them! We had the passionfruit w/passionfruit curd filling. Yummy! I MUST visit them again soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bree!

Hope you are doing well!

I am an avid fan of your blog...

I have a great cupcake place you should try... it's called Butter Cake Bakery located right on Pico Blvd... they have everything from CD sized cookies, to large and mini cupcakes (for those light eaters), to delicious rasperby almond bars to lemon bars to yummy scones and of course these amazing butter cakes!

Would love to chat...wondering how I could personally get in touch with you? Couldn't find an email address for you.

All the best,

dailycraft said...

I live down the street from Leda's, it's such an adorable little bakeshop!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these cupcakes taste amazing but I have to say, that first photo is somewhat evocative of phony, prank doggy doody. Just an observation. But a different style of piping might be in order.

Buckwheat! said...

have you tried cupcake casa in west hollywood? best I'VE ever tried!! moist, delicious, and really tastes vivid. peanut butter tastes like peanut butter. coconut tastes like it just fell from the tree (but with awesome frosting.)

chocolateforhersoul said...

They look adorable and delicious!