Thursday, February 01, 2007

Caffe Luxxe

As I walked up to the counter at Caffe Luxxe on Montana Ave., I knew I was in for some good espresso when I saw two Italian men happily sipping their drinks (standing at the counter, Italian bar style). I ordred an espresso machiatto, which was served with a small glass of water, exactly what I crave after finishing their super smooth, sweet and rich espresso. It was just like the espresso in Italy - it gives you a nice lift, without the jitters, and without ripping through your stomach like our coffee usually does. I returned this morning for a cappucino. No drip coffee here, just espresso, and just perfect.

Caffe Luxxe
925 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, Ca 90403


tony libido said...

GRAK! Pinkberry opening on Abbot Kinney. . . there goes the neighborhood. (AK & California)
Thought you'd want to know.

triplecreme said...

Thanks Brian! That location is not far from the one on Lincoln in MDR...