Friday, March 10, 2006

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roulez Part 1: Breakfast at Brennan's

I was lucky enough to have visited New Orleans one year before Hurricane Katrina hit. Here are some nice (as my friend Frank likes to say, "gastro porn") photos of one of the many fabulous meals we had.

Breakfast at Brennan's started off with a nice "eye opener", a brandy milk punch.

This is the "appetizer" to breakfast at Brennan's, a baked apple with cream. They expect us to eat two more courses after this!?

This is my main course, artichoke bottoms with fried shrimp, creamed spinach and hollandaise.

Finally, dessert, Crepes Fitzgerald. I can't eat it, but it sure looks good!

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Keith L said...

I so much want to help you finish the Crepes. So this is in NewOrlines. Dang. I hoped it would be West LA.

There is a guy at the new Mar Vista Farmers Market selling Crepes!

You may want to visit that! Al Fresco. Out on Grand View at Venice Blvd on a Sunday morning. (and maybe pick up some fresh vegi)

Keith <"><