Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sazon - Mar Vista

After driving past this restaurant a million times, I finally checked it out last night with a friend who has eaten there a couple of times and enjoyed it very much. This is why: inexpensive, creative food, intimate neighborhood cafe vibe, and BYOB.

The owner/chef Claudia, calls her food Latin fusion. You will recognize flavors and dishes from various Hispanic countries, all with her twist on them. We started off with a variety of empanadas like spinach, potato and chicken. They were great and prepared the way I like them: fried. We also shared some tostones, fried plantain chips.

Mi Gaditano had coconut crusted fish with spinach mashed potatoes and ate it so fast I didn't have an opportunity to try a bite!

I had the spinach stuffed chicken breast with vegetables, rice and black beans. The chicken was very moist, especially for white meat. I enjoyed everything here, but I found myself sprinkling salt on everything, which I rarely do in a restaurant. The menu boasts their use of little or no salt, but the food needs it to really come alive. The entrees are very reasonably priced under $10, and the portions are good. Bring in your own wine, and it is even a better deal. To finish, we enjoyed her version of natillas, which was altered a bit to resemble a cake than pudding. I was too stuffed to eat much, but the sweet corn and chocolate combo was nice.

I am so excited I finally tried this place, it is so nice having a terrific neighborhood joint to walk to, linger over a good meal, feel welcomed by the staff, and not break the bank.

12406 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90066


pleasurepalate said...

I was actually there the night after you. Claudia mentioned your blog by name. I also thought the food had good flavors, but definitely needed salt or in my case, hot sauce to add more zing.

Anonymous said...

drove past it yesterday and was intrigued. i'll definitely be checking it out soon! taking into consideration the previous comment i might bring a bottle of tapatio with me.

londyn said...

Thanks for the husband and I have passed this little place over and over so when we read your review we decided to must try glad we did. This is a true unique was amazing, the owner does mention on her menu she uses very little and/no salt which is what we have been looking for, all these restaurants are expensive and salty, as a customer I would like to have the choice on quantity of salt, they also have a salsa bar were you can find 3 fresh salsas and 4 others in bottles like was excellent, service awesome, we are definitely going back. We do thank you for pointing out this place to us...we do live in downtown Culver but for the quality of food, prices and service we will take the drive.
FLAN a must have.

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