Friday, March 06, 2009

The Zuni Burger - San Francisco

We had a nice late lunch on our first day in San Francisco at Zuni Cafe. I had dinner there a few years ago and the meal was exceptional. I had heard about their burger, and went in with high expectations. It was good, but not exceptional. It was served on a buttery focaccia bun, and for a couple dollars more with a skimpy slice of cheese. For an extra $6, we got a pile of super crisp shoestring fries. The patty was moist and tender, but overall slightly under-salted, especially considering they salt all their meat a day or two in advance. Had I not gone in with such high expectations, I think I would have been more pleased. Instead, it was just OK.

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102


onno david said...

Zuni Cafe has been around soooo long, and yet it is still so very relevant as a culinary destination. We arrived on a Thursday night and the place was packed. It was around 8pm. We were given a table in a smaller room upstairs, not bad considering we had no reservations. The server was incredibly friendly and very attentive without being overbearing. He made great suggestions and did not become negative when my friend ordered two zuni burgera. It's a great recipe. I love it. We will be back. thank you for sharing your post.

NSW south coaster said...

On a month long 'world trip recently, my partner and I visited San Francisco on our way to New York, then Europe. Food was a big part of our 'tour'. I have long been a fan of Judy Rogers cookbook 'Zuni Cafe' and therefore looked forward with a great deal of anticipation, to a Saturday evening meal (which we booked well in advance).

The food, service and atmosphere was exceptional and we were not dissapointed. We did not eat any did not have those expectations which are obviously sometimes difficult to live up to.

Soon after we dined in some renown restaurants in Europe including a 3 Michelin started establishment in Paris. While they were very good they did not compare to the overall experience at Zuni. For me it is perhaps the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the restaurant - and isn't that what the 'new world' is all about?

And don't get me wrong...when i say relaxed and casual, it doesn't mean too familiar waiters or paper napkins! Service standards are certainly high.

I agree with onodavid's comments wholeheartedly. In our part of the world (Sydney, Australia) longevity is a rare thing, so for me, it makes Zuni all the more appreciated because it has continued to maintain high standards for so long. It's good food to a large extent, but evidently passion on the part of the young staff, and simple good management.