Thursday, March 19, 2009

A-16 - San Francisco

I picked up their new cookbook a couple weeks ago, after reading about it in Gourmet Magazine, and I love it. When our trip to San Francisco came up, I made sure we had a reservation here. The place was absolutely packed. We waited a few minutes for our table in the very crowded bar area, which gave up time to check out all the dishes that passed us by. We started with a plate of soft, salty, sweet, delicate Prociutto San Daniele.

We shared the spinach gnocchi with mushrooms and broth (one of the dishes we saw at the bar, but I mistook the broth for butter) which were fluffly and delicate, not too rich at all (but I do wish they were in a pool of butter instead of broth!).

My Gaditano had their version of pizza bianca, which I have made form their book. Mozzeralla, basil, and olives, it was great, even better than mine (I need a wood fired pizza oven..).

For my main course, I had the trippa alla Napoleatana, which was just like the trippa all Romana I had in Rome, except with bread crumbs.

We sipped a nice cerasuolo from Sicily and enjoyed our selves and the meal tremendously.


Food GPS said...

Glad to hear you liked A16. That's definitely one of my favorite SF restaurants. Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren own another good spot on Fillmore called SPQR, and they're even working on a third restaurant called Urbino.

jo ann said...

Mmm spinach gnocchi! You may want to try the restaurant in the Le Meridien hotel in the Embarcadero Center area. I had brunch there and it was magnificent (though pricey)!

San Francisco Reservation said...

Looks very yammy!!