Saturday, May 17, 2008

Missing Rome

I just got in to LA last night, after 5 long, wonderful, weeks in Rome (and a few days in Florence). There is a lot to miss about Rome, and I will name 3 of them here. The coffee. There are coffee bars on every street. A couple times a day I would pop into one and order my favorite, caffe macchiato for about 70 cents.

The water fountains. All over there are these water fountains, with fresh, clean, cool water. Combined with the coffee and wine, one will never go thirsty in Rome.

The gelato. Some places are better than others, but Della Palma near the Pantheon takes the cake. A ton of flavors, including several mousses (also known as semi freddo, basically a frozen whipped cream). Soft and billowy, pick any flavor and you can never go wrong.


Ruby said...

Hello Miss Triplecream, I came across your blog while looking up Vinum Populi, and I happen to be leaving for Venice this week and will be in Rome next week. I plan to check out the Della Palma and as many other gelaterias as possible. Anything else that's a "must eat"? This will be my first time there.

triplecreme said...

Miss Ruby,
Here are some of my faves:

Trattoria Antonio Bassetti
Via Governo Vecchio, 18

Pizzeria da Baffetto
Via Governo Vecchio, 114

Al Fontanone
Piazza Trilussa, 46

Da I 2 Ciccioni
Vicolo del Cadro, 3
the last one is a restaurant run out of a man's apartment. All are reasonably priced. Have a great time.

Ruby said...

Molte Grazie! I've been hoping to stumble across a home-style, staight out of an Italian living room type of eaterie. You've made my day! I plan to blog while in Italia (where WiFi is available), so you'll know when I've come across your suggestions. Ciao!

foodette said...

The first and only time I was ever in Rome was six years ago, and these are still the same things that I miss about it! Good to know that wonderful things never change, and reading this makes me look forward to when I can go back. Hope you had a great trip!