Sunday, January 20, 2008

Marrow at Mozza

My friend and I were lucky enough to snag two seats at the bar last Saturday after only a 10 minute wait. Immediately, my eye went to this on the menu "marrow al forno." Aahh...roasted bone marrow, served with toasted bread, roasted garlic and flaky salt. I took my little fork and broke through the thin crisp top of the marrow and scooped out some of the fatty, gelatinous interior, much like a creme brulee. A little smeer on the toast, a piece of garlic, a pinch of salt...I was the envy of the room. My marrow-hater friend wanted some of my toast. "No", I told her, "you can only have it with bone marrow spread on top." Good thing the kitchen is more accommodating then me.

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